Drain and Sewer Specialists

At our company, we specialize in efficiently clearing blockages in everything from bathroom sinks and showers to main sewer lines leading to the street, including outdoor underground drainage systems. Our expertise ensures that water flows freely in your home or business, safeguarding the comfort and functionality of your spaces.

Servicing Westchester with Trusted Drain Solutions for Over 50 Years

Main sewer pipe blockages up to 200 feet long

Grease traps, sump pumps, and electric pumps

Clogged kitchen and bathroom sinks, shower and tubs, washing machine drains, and laundry sink drains

Complete removal of tree roots, grease, or any other blockages

Hydro jetting for outside drains

Advanced, modern equipment including inspection cameras to visualize additional blockages

24/7 Emergency Services




Krista Ventura

"I can’t say enough good things about Bob and his team of plumbers. Any time we have a plumbing issue I know I can call him and they show up that day! We recently had a clogged pipe that was causing water to back up into our sink anytime we did laundry! Bob came and addressed the issue same day and our problems were resolved! They made sure they checked every possible area for the clog and cleared it right up! I am so grateful. After becoming a homeowner it is super important to find a reliable plumber who will take care of the problem and not take advantage of you.

Corinne Bracciale

"After taking a shower late last night I noticed that my shower wasn’t draining and the sink was backing up. I went downstairs to the basement I saw a mess. I immediately called Westchester Drain Solutions and within a short period of time Bobby and Mauro came to the house. They had to snake out my main. Very responsive and professional. Their equipment had a camera which showed a blockage and they were able to clear it.

I highly recommend Westchester Drain Solutions."

Erika Steinberg

"I called Bob at Westchester Drain Solutions after 11pm on Friday night. We had a clogged drain causing a disgusting backup into our washing machine (with our clothing in it). Bob had someone out to us in about 30 minutes. Problem solved in no time and Mauro even knew what we had to do to clean and sanitize the washer and clothing. Wholeheartedly recommend calling them if you have an emergency or non-emergency drain issue."

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